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Speed sensor with gauge (G Series)


Technical Features
  • Comparing boost levels and shaft speed on a compressor map, you can determine the ideal operating conditions to insure peak power over a wider operating range.
  • All Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kits are compatible with dataloggers to enhance engine tuning capability. In addition, the Garrett®-branded gauge's maximum speed recall function will retain the highest wheel speed for five minutes for easy mapping.
  • The data gained from the Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit can be used to closely estimate the engine's flow behavior without a flow bench.
  • Flow information is invaluable for determining if the turbocharger is reaching its maximum performance, for validating the turbo match, and for insuring that it is not overspeeding, allowing you to avoid potentially damaging operating conditions.
  • This kit could even be used in conjunction with an aftermarket ECU to limit compressor speed.
  • The Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit will help you be sure you've got the correct turbo for your needs
  • The Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor works with turbochargers Garrett® of Series G of to accurately determine compressor wheel speed.
  • The Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit includes all necessary wiring for easy installation and simple data logging.