CHRA G35-900 (Reduced dia. backplate)

G Series with reduced diameter backplates provide modularity for kits designed with previous generation Garrett products making the compressor stage outline interchangeable. To achieve this, the one-piece G Series backplate is machined to accept the adapter ring from GT, GTX GEN I / II turbochargers to connect the compressor housing to the center housing. This configuration allows kits to be easily upgraded to the G Series product line and its improved features.
Price1 255,00 €
ex-VAT if taxable
Technical Features:
  • Reduced diameter backplate
  • Standar rotation
  • Compressor side: TRIM 65 (76.00mm-62.00mm)
  • Turbine side: TRIM 84 (68.00mm-62.00mm)
  • Bearing housing: Water and Oil cooled system.
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