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Actuator MV-I 2.5D (0.965 bar) Black


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The MV-I 2.5D is a modular, compact wastegate actuator designed to replace the popular O.E. 480099-XXXX units found on many turbochargers, but with dual actuation control.  It works especially well with the TiALSport IWG series of turbine housings. The main difference between the MVI 2.5 and the MVI 2.5D, is the dual port actuator option on the MVI 2.5D as opposed to the single directional actuation control on the MVI 2.5. Standard configurations provide for both offset-bent and straight, 4.33" O.A.L. stem designs, but multiple hardware options are available.
Technical Features
  • Pressure: 14 psi - 0.965 bar
  • Rod: bent
  • Aluminum housings, fully-anodized for corrosion and wear resistance and an attractive appearance.
  • High temperature silicone reinforced actuator diaphragm.
  • Stainless Steel actuator springs give consistent pressure at high temperatures.
  • Universal two-bolt mounting pattern.
  • M8 air fitting ports, with optional locations.